Making Llama sounds…

When I asked one of my new classes to make the sound of a llama, I was expecting the question to be rhetorical – but to my surprise, a moment later, the sounds of a llama came out of one of my grade 12 TOK IB students (at least I assume those are the sounds, I have no way to confirm this). However, the surprises continued when a moment later another student spoke out and said “I have a photo of a llama on my phone!” – to which I replied that this was one of those times I would add to my collection of ‘sentences rarely spoken by humans’ Over my 13 years of teaching I have an informal, unwritten, and mostly imaginary collection of these sentences spoken by my students. The I.B. Theory of Knowledge course is described as a course that uses a process of discovering and sharing students’ views on ‘knowledge issues’ (an umbrella term for “everything that can be approached from a TOK point of view”) – see more here. These students are some of the academic elite in the school who are completing an internationally recognized diploma and receiving university credits for these courses – but at the same time, they can have fun and make sounds like a llama in the middle of class. As much as possible I often need to remind myself and my students to reflect on the class and the journey we are in – and look for ‘sentences rarely spoken by humans’ to enjoy! P.S. as of the time of this writing, I am still waiting on the photo of the llama that was promised to be sent to me by the TOK student who showed me in class – but I have yet to receive it, stay tuned for an update to this post…


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