The year of the “Pot Luck” …

So it seems one of the ‘themes’ for this 2012-2013 school year is the “Pot Luck.” It started in September, when out of the blue, one of my grade 11 Computer Science students came up and asked me if he could use my microphone to ask the class a question. Within a few minutes, he had not only proposed the idea of a pot luck, but organized it. A week later, we had a Computer Science pot luck with a class of 95% boys (often very shy and apathetic boys). The kids enjoyed a variety of tasty snacks including homemade samosas (from his grandmother). One of my other classes, my grade 12 I.B. Theory of Knowledge class of 95% girls, heard about this and organized their own pot luck to coincide with Halloween day and our second lesson on ethics. In addition to enjoying tasty snacks (like oranges carved like pumpkins with faces on them and filled with grapes), the kids did ethical dilemma skits (with a Halloween theme) with full stomachs from the pot luck. In addition, a week ago, the Alternative Education program in our school (which is designed for kids who want to recover credits they may not have received  or kids who have troubles operating within a ‘typical’ classroom setting) also organized a pot luck after I mentioned it to the class (I help out in this program every other day). Three different classes: Computer Science, Theory of Knowledge, and Alternative Education all had pot luck meals within their classes. This unique opportunity to create a classroom community, promote sharing and bonding has been a valuable if not unexpected surprise to this year. Below is a short cell video short on Halloween morning during the Theory of Knowledge pot luck:


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