C# Named Top Programming Language of 2012

Microsoft’s C# programming language gains top billing as best language for 2012, according to a new ranking of programming languages. Microsoft’s C# programming language earned the rank of the No. 1 programming language of 2012,  the PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language index revealed. According to the PYPL index, C# had the biggest growth in 2012, rising more than 2.3 percent, by far the biggest growth of any language over the past year, surpassing Java, PHP and C++. Moreover, while the popular TIOBE Index looks at Objective-C as a language of the year candidate, the PYPL index goes with C#. “The TIOBE Programming Community Index has it wrong: C# is the language of the year, not Objective-C,” said a post on the PYPL Web page. “Indeed, according to the PYPL index, C# had the biggest growth in popularity this year: +2.3%. Over a five-year period, Python is the language whose popularity is growing the fastest; it is already the second most popular in the U.S.” See more at… C# Named Top Programming Language of 2012.


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