An International “Creative Computing” Movement

An International “Creative Computing” Movement – How Italian and French teachers are breeding the next generation of programmers (Maria Beatrice Repaccini). Teaching Kids to Code – We Need Coding in Schools, but Where are the Teachers? (The hour is upon us). The Hour of Code, that is. Tens of thousands of students in the U.S. are taking a crack at looping, sequencing, and assembling lines of code. But while many educators get students immediately on a computer for the lesson, there are other approaches–like teaching concepts of “computing” without the machine. Across the Atlantic Ocean, these slightly different approaches to computing are brewing in classrooms and after-school programs. In Italy and France, two teachers in particular support the practice of “creative computing” and integration of Scratch in their classrooms to combat growing unemployment numbers and a European resistance to technology–a certain “technophobia.” In honor of Computer Science Week, educators Maria Beatrice Rapaccini and Claude Terosier give a peak inside the “creative programming” behind their programming instruction. See more here


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