Why That ‘Learn to Code’ App Won’t Work at Your School

Last week, the British government’s new “Year of Code” initiative got off to a rocky start. Critics raised questions over the feasibility of the new national curriculum, and the program’s director admitted she didn’t know how to code.The debacle took front and center in a recent PandoDaily article titled, “By September coding will be mandatory in British schools. What the hell, America?” It raised the question as to whether American schools are falling behind in the new digital arms race and what should our schools do about it.A national mandate on coding is nice in theory. But simply adding coding to the curriculum will not create coders.Schools teach more than facts and hard skills. They are wired to teach in a certain way, and this wires students to behave, think and learn in a particular way as well. One could say the traditional school structure resembles an “operating system.”In America, this OS is incompatible with the habits of thought that make good programmers. And if we want to honestly teach students how to code, we must first teach them to think like a programmer. It won’t work by having our education institutions simply download a “learn to code app”.Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned from my experience starting a school, Dev Bootcamp, that has taught over 450 students how to code. Read more at OPINION: Why That ‘Learn to Code’ App Won’t Work at Your School | EdSurge News.


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