The youngest person in history to circumnavigate around the world, is doing it for Computer Science!

This May, 19-year-old MIT student Matt Guthmiller will set out to become the youngest person to ever circumnavigate the globe on a solo flight! In May 2014 Matt Guthmiller is starting on the first stage of his quest to become the youngest person to fly solo around the world. As a sponsor of Limitless Horizons™, a non-profit, charitable, fundraising mission, you have the chance to join Matt on his great adventure and let him share your brand globally. Matt will be making 20 stops in 13 different countries across five continents during his month-long journey, and is offering advertising space on his plane, apparel, and website to organizations interested in aiding his mission: to inspire his generation on to feats of similar magnitude. By journey’s end Matt will have set a Guinness World Record™, provided substantial aid to his chosen charity,, and reached an estimated 3.5 million people through a professionally crafted, widespread traditional and social media campaign. You have the chance to make your brand part of a story that is sure to inspire millions, many of them in the highly sought-after Millennials generation. “I want to inspire other people to do great things, and I believe computer science is the most powerful tool for enabling people’s dreams,” says Matt. “ is helping to ensure that opportunity is available to everyone. The round-the-world goal of this flight is a great fit with education, as no matter where you are in the world, education opens doors and helps transform dreams into reality.” Read more about it here



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