Study: computer science not offered in schools because of cost

NEW YORK —According to a new Gallup research study, “Searching for Computer Science: Access and Barriers in U.S. K-12 Education”, while students, parents, and teachers value computer science, administrators don’t necessarily perceive that they do. The study reports that less than half of administrators say school board members think computer science education is important. Principals and superintendents cite a lack of time devoted to courses that are directly tied to testing requirements, according to Gallup. They also say that a low availability and budget for computer science teachers is another reason schools don’t offer computer science courses. Researchers report that Hispanic students don’t have equal access to computers at home. They say that it carries over at school as they use computers less there. The study says that lower-income students and Black students have the least access to computer science learning opportunities at school. Despite the deficiencies, the Gallup report shows that participation in computer science learning opportunities will increase and that administrators will expand these opportunities in the future. See the original article here


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