Hour of code (wrap up)…

As this week – December  7th – 11th, 2015 (Computer Science Education week) wraps up, I hope you participated in the hour of code this week and had fun introducing or advancing Computer Science in your classrooms. In wrapping up, I got an email from the CSTA (Computer Science Teacher’s Association) this morning announcing the winners of the “Faces of Computing” video contest they run every year. It correlated nicely with the week and the hour of code. The CSTA’s theme this year was “Computing for the Common Good.” They encouraged entries to show groups of students showcasing how computing is used to better the world. The video was to promote their schools’ Computer Science program and the ways it works to teach computing for good. The judgement was based on this and not necessarily the quality of video editing. Here are this year’s winners:

High school winner:

Middle School winner:

Elementary school winner:

Just further motivation behind the importance of Computer Science as a paradigm of development in the technology revolution. More videos like this are available at CSTA Videos.

Have a nice winter break everyone!


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