Hey students (and former students)…Just saying?

Awards for Teaching Excellence in Computer Science

The 2016 Infosys Foundation USA/ACM/CSTA Awards for Teaching Excellence in Computer Science recognize talented computer science teachers at the pre-university (K-12) level around the world.  Up to ten (10) winners will be selected from eligible entries, and each will be awarded a prize of $10,000. The application period for the 2016 award opens October 1, 2016 and closes November 1, 2016. Winners will be announced in December, 2016, and prizes will be awarded at the 2017 CSTA Annual Conference. To be eligible, applicants for the award must be employed full-time at a K-12/pre-university school and at least 50% of that time must be spent teaching in the classroom.  Applicants must have taught computer science at a K-12/pre-university school for at least the last two years.  Members of the CSTA Board or the Award Committee, and employees of Infosys Foundation USA, Association for Computing Machinery, Computer Science Teachers Association, or Capitol Hill Management Services are not eligible, nor are members of their immediate families.

Each application should consist of:

  • An employment and eligibility verification letter (required)
  • Three (3) signed and dated recommendation letters endorsing the applicant (required)
  • A narrative application from the candidate (required)
  • Supplemental material (optional)
  • Applicant information form (optional)

Additional details on these application materials can be found here.


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