About Mr. Wachs

Welcome to my website/blog. My name is Lawrence Wachs and I am a high school teacher in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada at Sturgeon Heights Collegiate.

Sturgeon Heights Collegiate

This site is designed for my students and their parents as a launching pad to get at any information needed for my courses, or as a place to give feedback on those courses.  I have been teaching since the late 90’s in the St. James School Division (where I also attended public school myself). I have always taught a variety of different courses and levels over the years including:

  • Computer Science 20S (grade 10)
  • Computer Science 30S (grade 11)
  • Computer Science 40S (grade 12)
  • Computer Science 32SIB (higher level grade 11 I.B.)
  • Computer Science 42SIB (higher level grade 12 I.B.)
  • Theory of Knowledge 32SIB (I.B. grade 11)
  • Theory of Knowledge 42SIB (I.B. grade 12)
  • Mathematics 10F (grade 9)
  • Mathematics Numeracy (grade 9)
  • Alternative education (at risk programming)
  • Social Studies 10F (grade 9)
  • Peace and Conflict in the 20th Century (grade 9)
  • Information Technology 10G (grade 9)
  • Information Technology 20G (grade 10)
  • Information Technology 30G (grade 11)
  • Visual Arts (grade 9)

My own education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (major) and Mathematics (minor), a Bachelor of Arts degree in History (major) and Sociology (minor), and a Bachelor of Education. Also I obtained certificates in Web page design, I.B. training, as well as work with special needs. Before teaching I worked as an artist, with special needs children, and as a computer technician. On a personal level I live in St. James with my wife and two children.

15 thoughts on “About Mr. Wachs

  1. Mr. Wach
    My name is Chris Hancock. I am a Computer Science and Engineering teacher at Columbia High School in Huntsville, AL. We are IB School of about 700 students. I came across your site and was excited. I just recently was given the IB TOK course. I throughly like what you have done with the website. I wanted to know with you permission if I could use some of your material to help me with my current course of TOK.

      • Hi Sharon, nice to hear from someone close by! Feel free to use anything and modify anything you find useful. I have lectures (PowerPoints), lessons (PDFs), assignments, and videos off my TOK pages and the accompanying Google Drive and Youtube page. You can also email me if you need the original Word files or anything else you need. Good luck and let me know what I can do to help!

  2. Hello Mr. Wachs! First of all, I would like to thank you for sharing your resources about Computer Science. I will be teaching IB CS this coming school year and I am using your site as a starting point on how to go about things this year. Again, thank you very much! I do have some questions though. Is it okay if I just email it to you? Thank you very much!

  3. Hi Mr. Wachs, I too am about to begin teaching the IB Computer Science course for the first time and I would also like to thank you for sharing your resources. Thank you, Kind Regards Ted

  4. Hello Mr. Wachs,

    A colleague told me about how you are supporting teachers new to the fields of computer science, and I was wondering if you would give me some guidance for my students. I teach at Red River College and I have very little experience with languages. I did attempt some baby steps into coding using MS visual studio and C#. Is it possible for me to make a visit to your school at your convenience? I teach into the Business and Technology Teacher Education program, and I did see the announcement by the Government regarding getting funding to bring coding into the classroom. I would love the opportunity to speak with you regarding developing my courses.

    Shannon Derksen

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