Computer Science 20S

Use the following links to relevant course content for Computer Science 20S (grade 10):

  • Materials (including all course notes and assignments)
  • Video lectures (videos recorded in past classes on course content and examples)
  • Weekly Events (a journal of weekly events for the current semester)
  • Current/Past Assessments (a list of assessments for the current semester)
  • Schedule (the interactive schedule for the current semester’s events)
  • Hand in (the web portal to submit completed assignments)
  • Hand back (the web portal where graded assignments are handed back)
  • Course archive (records of events/assessments of this course in the past)
  • Programming resources  (sample code and other assets like sounds, icons, etc.)
  • Current Marks (PowerSchool portal, log in to check marks and attendance)

Any questions about any of this by students, parents, teachers, etc? Then email Mr. Wachs or comment at the bottom of this page…

Weekly Events:

  • Week 1: (a short 3 day week to start the year) I introduced the course (see this presentation on what Computer Science is) and went over the course outline. As well, we did a biography assignment, and an introduction to programming, by looking at concepts using the Scratch website.
  • Week 2: This week we did our first Scratch assignment (Sierpinski’s Triangle) and then looked at the second (mini pong) and started the third (Super Mario physics) Scratch demonstrations of programming concepts. We also had presentations (see video) on problem solving and worked on the problem solving assignment and a presentation (see videoon top-down design (with an assignment). The students finished the week with work time on these assignments.
  • Week 3: This week we had a presentation on flowcharts (see video) and then it was time to work on assignments from the first unit. By the end of the week, we started the next unit (Introduction To IDEs) with a presentation (see videoand the first assignment for this unit
  • Week 4: This week we continued our look at unit 2: Introduction to IDEs with the second part (see presentation for part one and two and videos for parts one and two) and begun the next set of assignments in this unit (including the case study). We also had a class discussion around how to hand in work (see instructions) and how programming work will be marked (see unit marking sheet)
  • Week 5: This week was a work week on the current unit (Unit 2: Introduction To IDEs) assignments or time to catch up on the previous unit (Unit 1: Introduction To Computer Science) assignments. Mr. Wachs was available for help throughout the week.
  • Week 6: This week was a shorter week (due to Thanksgiving) and we started our next unit: Variables (see presentation with an example and video) and started work on variables problem one, two, and the case study.
  • Week 7: This week was also a shorter week (inservice day on Friday) and we looked at part two of the variables unit (see presentation/example and video). Then students had work periods for problems three and four of this new unit along with the case study.


  1. Unit 1 – All about me – Biography assignment
  2. Unit 1 – Introduction To Computer Science: Problem Solving – assignment
  3. Unit 1 – Introduction To Computer Science: Scratch 1 (Sierpinski’s Triangle) – assignment
  4. Unit 1 – Introduction To Computer Science: Top-down Design – assignment
  5. Unit 1 – Introduction To Computer Science: Scratch 2 (Pong demo) – assignment
  6. Unit 1 – Introduction To Computer Science: Flowcharts – assignment omitted!
  7. Unit 1 – Introduction To Computer Science: Scratch 3 (Physics demo) – assignment
  8. Unit 2 – Introduction To IDEs – Form Design assignment
  9. Unit 2 – Introduction To IDEs – Application 1 (Hello/good-bye) assignment
  10. Unit 2 – Introduction To IDEs – Application 2 (Font changer) assignment
  11. Unit 2 – Introduction To IDEs – Application 3 (Personal quiz) assignment
  12. Unit 2 – Introduction To IDEs – Case study (Splash screen) assignment
  13. Unit 3 – Variables – Problem 1 (Dog age calculator) assignment
  14. Unit 3 – Variables – Problem 2 (Temperature converter) assignment
  15. Unit 3 – Variables – Problem 3 (Pizza shop) assignment
  16. Unit 3 – Variables – Problem 4 (Calculator) assignment
  17. Unit 3 – Variables – Case Study (Physics experiment) assignment



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