Schedule (CS30S)

Schedule – Computer Science 30S

This page is a launching site for the week by week schedule for the Computer Science 30S course. On each week’s page, you will find the following categories:

  • The Overall Summary give a quick snapshot of the week’s plan
  • The Learning Experiences breaks down the reading and/or viewing you need to do to learn the concepts (activates visual and auditory learning)
  • The Work Goals break down what actions and what you should be working on this week (activates kinesthetic learning)
  • The Assessments outlines the work you will be doing that is worth marks for your course grade (reinforces the learning)

Following this, on each week’s page, are more links for all this content and general links for this website. If you have any issues, contact Mr. Wachs.

Use the links below to jump to a the week plan for this course:

In the descriptions on each page, the following verbs are used and my meaning behind these verbs is:

  • start or starting: by this, I mean it would be a good idea to begin looking at this content during this week but you might still be behind the schedule and still working on other content. Do do not stress if you do not get to this this week.
  • continue or continuing: by this, I mean this work was already started in a previous week and your work continues on this work this week. You are not expected to complete it this week, but work on this area should be ongoing. If you have not started this work yet, it would be a good idea to accelerate your pace to start it this week.
  • complete: by this, I mean it is a good idea to have this work finished this week. If you find yourself still in progress working on this material, this is not a problem, it is time to accelerate your pace. If you have not started this work yet, you definitely need to accelerate your pace or you will fall behind later in the course.

This Google schedule (the interactive schedule for the current semester’s events) below is a rough outline of the current class schedule: