Week 14 (CS30S)

Computer Science 30S – Week 14:

Welcome students to week 14, please read the schedule page to understand this week’s page format, and contact Mr. Wachs if you have any issues

Your workload for this week is broken down below:

  • Week’s Overall Summary: this week you should have completed Unit 4 (Classes) content, examples, unit assessment document, and the multiple choice test (contact Mr. Wachs for the link to this test after reviewing with the unit summary sheet). This week you may start the Unit 5 (Graphics) content and then working on the examples

NOTE: The Unit 5 (Graphics) unit is considered BONUS materials for this course. As a result, they will NOT be assessed with any assignments or tests. I would suggest you read through them and follow the “work along” example. Nothing in this module will be expected for your final project, but CAN be incorporated into the final project if you wish (I realize many of you will WANT to add things like graphics into a final project)

If you don’t understand, have issues, try this help page or contact Mr. Wachs!

This is the end of week 14! 

By the end of this week, it is fine if you need a little more time to get to this point

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