Graphics (Optional)

Unit 5: Graphics (OPTIONAL content)


All the parts in this module are considered BONUS materials for this course. As a result, they will NOT be assessed with any assignments or tests. I would suggest you read through them and follow the “work along” example. Nothing in this module will be expected for your final project, but CAN be incorporated into the final project if you wish (I realize many of you will WANT to add things like graphics into a final project)

If you don’t feel like reading these web pages, here are two alternatives:

  • Read this presentation of all of the same content
  • Watch this playlist of videos of all of the same content on YouTube


All Content Sections:

  1. Thinking about Graphics
  2. The Basics
  3. Getting Started
  4. Using Graphics API
  5. Adding Controls to a Container
  6. Using a GUI Editor
  7. Dealing with Action Events
  8. Java Graphics 2D