Computer Science 40S

Use the following links to relevant course content for Computer Science 40S (grade 12):

  • Materials (including all course notes and assignments)
  • Video lectures (videos recorded in past classes on course content and examples)
  • Weekly Events (a journal of weekly events for the current semester)
  • Current/Past Assessments (a list of assessments for the current semester)
  • Class photos (some photos of past or current class events and funny items)
  • Schedule (the interactive schedule for the current semester’s events)
  • Hand in (the web portal to submit completed assignments)
  • Hand back (the web portal where graded assignments are handed back)
  • Course archive (records of events/assessments of this course in the past)
  • Programming resources  (sample code and other assets like sounds, icons, etc.)
  • Current Marks (PowerSchool portal, log in to check marks and attendance)

Any questions about any of this by students, parents, teachers, etc? Then email Mr. Wachs or comment at the bottom of this page…

Weekly Events:

  • Week 1: (a short 3 day week to start the year) I introduced the course and went over the course outline and then worked on a course survey. Students then worked through the week on a review of the Computer Science 30S course work. Students who have completed the CS40S content in the CS32SIB course had a meeting with Mr. Wachs to discuss the work on the independent project.
  • Week 2: Students worked through the week on the Computer Science 30S review (see the unit marking sheet)
  • Week 3: This week we did an example and had a presentation (see video) on the concept of recursion, students then worked through the week on recursion programming problems (see examplepresentation, and video)
  • Week 4: This week students worked on programming problems for recursion (see examplepresentation, and video)
  • Week 5: This week we started our look at the next unit: Advanced classes (see presentationexample, and videos for parts two and three)
  • Week 6: This week was a shorter week (due to Thanksgiving) and we continued our look at advanced classes (see presentationexample, and videos for parts four and five)
  • Week 7: This week was also a shorter week (inservice day on Friday) and we continued our look at advanced classes (see previous weeks for more links, and video for part five). Also this week a former student of Mr. Wachs who is now a product manager at a software development company came in to give a talk to the students about his journey in Computer Science and the software development industry in our city


  1. Unit 1: Course survey (note: that this survey is not for marks)
  2. Unit 1: Computer Science 30S (grade 11) – review assignment
  3. Unit 1: Introduction To Java – review quiz (link)
  4. Unit 2: Recursion – structured example
  5. Unit 2: Recursion – programming problems
  6. Unit 2: Recursion – review quiz (link) or programming problem (link)
  7. Unit 3: Advanced Classes – structured example
  8. Unit 3: Advanced Classes – creative project
  • CS40S (independent study): Week 1 – progress log
  • CS40S (independent study): Week 2 – progress log
  • CS40S (independent study): Week 3 – progress log
  • CS40S (independent study): Week 4 – progress log
  • CS40S (independent study): Week 5 – progress log
  • CS40S (independent study): Week 6 – progress log



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