Week 9 (CS40S)

Computer Science 40S – Week 9:

Welcome students to week 9, please read the schedule page to understand this week’s page format, and contact Mr. Wachs if you have any issues

Your workload for this week is broken down below:

  • Week’s Overall Summary: this week we continue Unit 3 (Collections) content and then working on the examples
  • Week’s Learning Experiences:
    1. Continue any learning experiences you are behind on and spend the week on examples
  • Week’s Work Goals:
    1. To start the Collections part 3 example
      (or see it on this GitHub branch)
    2. To start the Collections part 4 example
      (or see it on this GitHub branch)
  • Week’s Assessments: continue the week on learning experiences, examples, or catching up

If you don’t understand, have issues, try this help page or contact Mr. Wachs!

This is the end of week 9! 

By the end of this week, it is fine if you need a little more time to get to this point

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