2012-2013: IT20G – Semester 1

Information Technology 20G Archive

Welcome to the course information where I keep an informal log of the weekly events in the course as well as track the current assignments.

  • Week 1: we went over the course outline and did an introduction activity
  • Week 2: we took a look at some basic XHTML coding techniques and started looking coding tables in XHTML for structural formatting
  • Week 3: we continued to look at XHTML tables and start looking at an introduction to CSS
  • Week 4: we continued our look at C.S.S. and started our next assignment
  • Week 5: we completed the C.S.S. assignment and began work on a large web engineering project
  • Week 6: students continued work on the large web engineering project
  • Week 7: due to student request, work time on the web engineering project was extended, and then we began our next unit in web page design by looking at Adobe FireWorks and the first logo assignment
  • Week 8: students continued working on the FireWorks logo assignment (parts 1 and 2)
  • Week 9: students completed work on the FireWorks logo assignment and we started an large example of slicing a web page in FireWorks
  • Week 10: students complete the FireWorks web page slicing example and started a web page design project
  • Week 11: students worked on their web design projects
  • Week 12: we began our look at the second half credit course animation with a presentation on part 1, and students began the first animation assignment
  • Week 13: we looked at a presentation on part 2 of animation and students worked on the second animation assignment
  • Week 14: we looked at a presentation on part 3 of animation and students worked on the third animation assignment
  • Week 15: we started a series of tutorials on using Adobe Flash
  • Week 16: we continued our Adobe Flash tutorials to prepare for an animation project
  • Week 17: The students started the first animation project and worked on it for the week
  • Week 18: The students were assigned the final course assignment (an animation research assignment) and a second project (a dancing character)
  • week 19: The students had a work week to complete all course assessments

Current/Past assignments:

  1. Biography (All about me)
  2. XHTML review (basics)
  3. XHTML Tables assignment 1
  4. XHTML Tables assignment 2
  5. XHTML Tables assignment 3
  6. C.S.S. assignment
  7. Web engineering project
  8. FireWorks Logo assignment – Part 1
  9. FireWorks Logo assignment – Part 2
  10. FireWorks slicing page demonstration
  11. Web design project
  12. Animation – Assignment 1 (flip book ‘bouncing ball’)
  13. Animation – Assignment 2 (character turn-around)
  14. Animation – Assignment 3 (story boarding)
  15. Animation – Assignment 4 (Adobe Flash Tutorials – 5 examples)
  16. Animation – Project 1 (fish in a bowl)
  17. Animation – Assignment 5 (animation research)
  18. Animation – Project 2 (bust a move)

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