2012-2013: IT30G – Semester 1

Information Technology 30G Archive

Welcome to the course information where I keep an informal log of the weekly events in the course as well as track the current assignments.

  • Week 1: we went over the course outline and discussed which way the course will proceed. Students decided to begin the course by working in groups on a realistic web site for the Assiniboine Park Zoo
  • Week 2: we have to work on the project
  • Week 3: students complete the project by the end of this week.
  • Week 4: students needed extra time to complete their projects and started our look at advanced C.S.S.
  • Week 5: we completed the advanced C.S.S. assignment and started looking at an introduction to JavaScript
  • Week 6: students worked on the JavaScript assignment and we began looking at CMS (Content Management Systems)
  • Week 7: students worked on the CMS assignment and began a Adobe FireWorks review assignment
  • Week 8: students continued working on the Adobe FireWorks review assignment and we started looking at advanced FireWorks features and how it relates to Adobe DreamWeaver
  • Week 9: students worked on the color theory based web site projects and we looked at web typography
  • Week 10: students continued working on their color theory/typography design project
  • Week 11: students continued working on their color theory/typography design project
  • Week 12: we began our look at the second half credit course animation with a discussion and the first project on kinetic typography
  • Week 13: students continued working on the first advanced animation project on kinetic typography
  • Week 14: students continued working on the kinetic typography project
  • Week 15: students completed the kinetic typography project and had a presentation on advanced animation and started the second animation project
  • Week 16: students continued working on the animated infographic project
  • Week 17: students continued working on the animated infographic project, and we discussed where the course will transition to next
  • Week 18: The students were assigned the final course project (character animations)
  • Week 19: The students had a work week to complete all course assessments

Current/Past assignments:

  1. Web site project
  2. Advanced C.S.S. assignment
  3. JavaScript assignment
  4. CMS assignment
  5. FireWorks review assignment
  6. Color Theory/typography web site project
  7. Advanced Animation – Project 1 (kinetic typography)
  8. Advanced Animation – Project 2 (Infographic messaging)
  9. Advanced Animation – Project 3 (character animations)

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