Mathematics Numeracy

Use the following links to relevant course content for Mathematics Numeracy (grade 9):

  • Materials (including all course notes and assignments)
  • Video lectures (videos recorded in past classes on course content and examples)
  • Weekly Events (a journal of weekly events for the current semester)
  • Current/Past Assessments (a list of assessments for the current semester)
  • Class photos (some photos of past or current class events and funny items)
  • Schedule (the interactive schedule for the current semester’s events)
  • Hand in (the web portal to submit completed assignments)
  • Hand back (the web portal where graded assignments are handed back)
  • Course archive (records of events/assessments of this course in the past)
  • Current Marks (PowerSchool portal, log in to check marks and attendance)

Any questions about any of this by students, parents, teachers, etc? Then email Mr. Wachs or comment at the bottom of this page…

Weekly Events:

  • Week 1: (a short 3 day week to start the year) I introduced the course and we got to know each other. We did a game to get to know each other (based on this activity).
  • Week 2: This week we did a career cruising activity (on this website with the username: manitoba452, and password: careers). We also did an activity on learning styles, as well as working on mathematics diagnostic assessments (parts one and two) throughout the week
  • Week 3: This week we focused on the concept of negative numbers. We did an activity game that looked at the structure of math questions involving negative numbers. We ended the week with a worksheet on negative numbers.
  • Week 4: This week we focused on fractions. We played a fraction movement game, had discussions about fractions and how to work with them with our calculators. We also worked on a fractions worksheet throughout the week.
  • Week 5: This week we continued our look at number sense with fractions, order of operations, and a look at square roots. We also did a bonding activity where we took photos of people’s hands with a string wrapped around them to create a school art project. We did 2 practice tests (see practice test one and two) this week, went over the answers and learned how to do the types of questions that will come up next week in the unit test. Extra videos and notes are available for this content (video links 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and presentation notes links 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
  • Week 6: This week was a shorter week (due to Thanksgiving) and we went over the second practice test, reviewed the entire unit, and had the first unit test on Number Sense. The students also had a field trip to the Human Rights Museum and we discussed starting our next unit.
  • Week 7: This week was also a shorter week (inservice day on Friday) and we looked at several activities related to the study of algebra. We also did a bonding activity with yarn and pictures the students took called “we are all connected”


  1. Unit 00 – Introduction To Math: Introductory (activity)
  2. Unit 00 – Introduction To Math: Career cruising (activity)
  3. Unit 00 – Introduction To Math: Learning styles (activity)
  4. Unit 00 – Introduction To Math: Numbers Part 1 (diagnostic)
  5. Unit 00 – Introduction To Math: Numbers Part 2 (diagnostic)
  6. Unit 01 – Number Sense: Negative Numbers (assignment)
  7. Unit 01 – Number Sense: Fractions Worksheet (assignment)
  8. Unit 01 – Number Sense: Part 1 (practice test)
  9. Unit 01 – Number Sense: Part 2 (practice test)




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