Theory of Knowledge 42SIB

Use the following links to relevant course content for Theory of Knowledge 42SIB (grade 12 International Baccalaureate):

  • Materials (including all course notes and assignments)
  • Video lectures (videos recorded in past classes on course content and examples)
  • Weekly Events (a journal of weekly events for the current semester)
  • Current/Past Assessments (a list of assessments for the current semester)
  • Class photos (some photos of past or current class events and funny items)
  • Schedule (the interactive schedule for the current semester’s events)
  • Hand in (the web portal to submit completed assignments)
  • Hand back (the web portal where graded assignments are handed back)
  • Course archive (records of events/assessments of this course in the past)
  • Current Marks (PowerSchool portal, log in to check marks and attendance)

Any questions about any of this by students, parents, teachers, etc? Then email Mr. Wachs or comment at the bottom of this page…

Weekly Events:

  • Week 1: (a short 3 day week to start the year) I introduced the course and went over the course outline and the I.B. TOK Assessment expectations for the course (see this presentation reviewing what TOK is).
  • Week 2: We met twice this week and then looked at the first Area of Knowledge – The Arts: Part 1 one (see video and notes) along with a sorting activity (art vs. non-art),  then moved on to Area of Knowledge – The Arts: Part two (see presentation, notes, and video) along with a mask activity
  • Week 3: We met three times this week and looked at Area of Knowledge – The Arts: Part 3 (see presentation, notes, and video) and a shape activity that judged art
  • Week 4: We met twice this week and completed our unit on the arts with part 4 (see presentation, video, and notes). We also did our Ethics part 1 (see presentation, video, and notes) and had a discussion activity on moral principles and a take home ethics activity (make your own baby)
  • Week 5: We met three times this week, and continued looking at part 1 of ethics (see presentation, video, and notes). Then we started our next unit (Human Sciences) by looking at The Milgram experiment (1961)” (see activityand presentations and discussions on parts 1 and 2 (see presentation one and two, video one and two, and notes one and two) and a activity ranking how to measure things.
  • Week 6: This week was a shorter week (due to Thanksgiving) and we met twice this week. We watched another Human Science documentary “A Class Divided” and the class discussed both documentaries and developed knowledge questions from these real life examples. We also did a “Mr. Wachs personality quiz” activity in class. We also looked at part 3 (see presentation, video, and notes) of Human Sciences.
  • Week 7: This week was also a shorter week (inservice day on Friday) and we met twice this week and looked at part 4 (see presentation, video, and notes) of Human Sciences.


  1. Email Mr. Wachs so he has your email on record
  2. Participating in the various activities for our “Arts” unit, including:
    1. In class activity classifying a list of items as “art” or “non-art” (in-class participation expected)
    2. Assignment creating a paper mask that reflects an emotion and having a class discussion (completed and hand-in expected) – see examples
    3. Assignment based on a list of words and a small set of rules, groups came up with a song or poem and then performed it in the theater for the class (in-class participation expected)
    4. Assignment where students created a piece of art from a sheet of shapes, then we had an art gallery and students ranked the anonymous art (completed and hand-in expected) – see examples
  3. Participating in the activity for “Ethics” part 1 and working on “The Ethical Baby” activity – see examples
  4. Participating in the various activities for our “Human Sciences” unit, including:
    1. In class activity watching and discussing The Milgram experiment (1961)” (in-class participation expected)
    2. In class activity ranking items in terms of how easy they are to measure
    3. In class activity watching and discussing “A Class Divided (in-class participation expected)
    4. In class activity doing the “Mr. Wachs personality quiz”



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