Current Students

This page is dedicated to the most important information for current students enrolled in one of Mr. Wachs’ classes. The relevant information can be found below:

All students links:

  • General website instructions for this site can be found here
  • Specific hand in information for all students can be found here (or watch this video)
  • Mr. Wachs’ hand in page for all classes – please make sure your name is in the name of the file you are handing in
  • Mr. Wachs’ hand back page where you can find your corrected materials
  • School PowerSchool page where you can check your mark and attendance history.
  • Email Mr. Wachs if you have any questions here

Things to remember:

  • Students enrolled in Computer Science courses need to submit assignments electronically as PDF files of code and screen captures at Mr. Wachs’ hand in page (see here if unsure how to do this)
  • Students enrolled in Information Technology courses need  to submit assignments electronically at Mr. Wachs’ hand in page (see here if unsure how to do this) 
  • Students enrolled in non technology based courses such as Theory of Knowledge, Social Studies, or Mathematics may submit work on paper in the hand in basket on Mr. Wachs’ desk in the classroom but are encouraged to also hand in work electronically at Mr. Wachs’ hand in page (see here if unsure how to do this)


Please use the comment section below to share feedback, new and exciting links, or other content relevant to any or all of Mr. Wachs courses…

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