Field Trips

This page contains information about current and upcoming field trips in any of Mr. Wachs’ classes. It also contains an archive of past field trips from past years:

Current Upcoming Field Trips (2020):

  • Prairie Dev Con 2020:  This is the chance to attend a professional software developers conference. A chance to see and hear about the profession and network with professionals (who may be your boss one day). See the main website here and this page for some of the speakers, this page to see the various sessions, and this page to see what you WON’T be paying (the conference organizer offers the conference to Sturgeon Heights students at NO cost). Students can go one or both days if they check with Mr. Wachs. The field trip permission form (for students over 18), and permission form (for students under 18) can be printed and turned in to Mr. Wachs, or filled out and then emailed to Mr. Wachs.

Past Field Trips:


New York Boston international field trip (October 2019):

  • Follow up: this video is a mashup of pictures and videos taken on the trip, and this is a shared photo album of pictures taken (that others from the group can add to)
  • Feeds: While on the trip, I will be using a combination of Instagram (this was the one the students said they would use the most), Twitter, and Facebook to post photos, videos, and comments. I will use the hashtag #huskiesNYC to tag posts and will encourage the students to do the same so that you can follow the feeds of the trip
  • Survey: for students/parents about possible T-shirts and trip sharing of information, etc. can be found here
  • Final Parent Meeting: (September 19th) we went over pre-departure information, student received backpacks and other information, we saw this presentation and got this package of information
  • Spring Parent Meeting: (May 21st) a short meeting, you can find the information we went over here
  • April 29th Update: After a bit of a hiatus from information, it is time to move towards the next phase of planning the details of the fall field trip. Some of our current information:
    • There will be another parent meeting on May 21st (right after the long weekend) at 6:00 in the school theater to discuss many of the details below and get ready for the next phase
    • As of today, we have 24 students signed up to travel and this means we will have 4 teacher supervisors on the trip as well.
    • EF tours to encourage any last minute travelers to sign up has made this offer:
      • Students will be entered to win $1,000 off the cost of their tour simply by enrolling on our tour by June 30th 2019 at 11:59 pm EST. This means students who are not yet enrolled still have a chance! This is meant to help you and the students: fill up your group before the summer, higher travel grant amount + more chaperone spaces, lower program price and smaller monthly payments for students who enroll now vs. summer

      • Winner will be announced on July 12th, 2019 and the $1,000 will be applied to their tour balance. (there is no cash value for the prize & students who are already enrolled on the tour are automatically entered)

      • YES – students who have already enrolled are eligible!

    • I will be soon creating rooming assignments (approximately 4 students to a room), so any students who have thoughts on who they might like (or not like) for room assignments can email me and I will try my best

    • Please email if you have any dietary restrictions that I should be aware of
    • Fundraising is still an option for the end of this semester, over the summer and into the fall to help with offsetting the costs – I would need a parent (or parents) to step up and take charge of this, as a teacher I can help and coordinate but it must be parent run
    • If you do not have a passport, it is time to get on applying for this ASAP as EF tours will need that information soon
    • All of the above information will be discussed in more detail at the May 21st meeting!
  • January 24th Update: Well, as we finish up January and this semester here at Sturgeon Heights, I thought I would send out this end of the week message. For those parents/students still undecided or have not yet signed up with EF tours, some things to consider:
    • If our final group size is somewhere less than 20, we will be consolidated with another group on our tour – but if we get the overall group size up larger then we qualify for a private tour which means we have one tour guide and no other school but ours!
    • To help encourage you, EF has a new offer I am authorized to present:  “EF is now offering a $100 incentive until  January 27th to encourage the rest of the group to enroll, and the students who enrolled with no incentive will have the $100 added to their accounts but the end of the day!”
    • As well, I spoke again with the representative from EF tours with some questions from various parents/students (answers are below):
      • Question: This supplement weekend fee to make the experience that much better or something for 129.00 dollars, did they explain what that was and is it required in order to take part in events?
      • Answer: The $129 is in relation to an upgraded Broadway show (just one where the tickets are more expensive).  Right now, only 3 students have chosen this so we can either see how many students would be interested or  hide it as an option and go with the standard show. What do you think? Standard shows are Mamma Mia, Thriller, Wicked, Mousetrap, etc. and Upgraded shows are Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Come from Away, etc.
      • Question: Why do I not see the Google tour on the EF itinerary?
      • Answer: The Google tour isn’t showing on the itinerary now because all of our websites, brochures, etc. will only show the Brochure tour that we offer. Any customizations, etc. will be planned behind the scenes and once we know your group will be private we can send out a timed itinerary with more detail
    • Lastly, my next objective once we start semester 2 is to start thinking about fundraising ideas. please let me know if you are also interested in this!
  • January 10th Update: Itinerary: Thank you to those who answered the itinerary survey. I have shared the results with the EF representative and she had said that this should not be a problem and she is going over all the details as we finalize the agenda. The results in order of interest were:
    1. Boston’s MIT (robot activity workshop)
    2. Times Square (architectural tour)
    3. Empire State building (discussion of city architecture)
    4. New York Academy of Science (sensors and coding activity)
    5. Central park
    6. New York financial district, 911 memorial, Wall street, etc.
    7. Broadway show
    8. Boston’s music technology school (digital music creation)
    9. Brooklyn bridge (building a bridge activity)
    10. Staten Island ferry ride past the Statue of Liberty
    11. Boston harbor boat tour
  • Parent questions and the answers from the EF tour representative below:
    • January Question/Answer:
      • Question: Is there a final deadline parents can still sign up for this trip?
      • Answer: The last possible sign up day would be 110 days from the date of departure which would be June 23rd of this year, so there is still lots of time to sign up!
      • Question: If I have questions about insurance, etc. specifically for EF can I contact them?
      • Answer: yes, they can call 1-800-263-2806 (better to call in the morning) with my name (Lawrence Wachs) and/or the tour number (2176146FA)
    • December Questions/Answer:
      • Question: Is there a maximum number of students for this trip?
      • Answer: The maximum bus size is 52, so that would be about 42 students and 7 chaperones
      • Question: How much can we still make adjustments to the itinerary?
      • Answer: We can definitely make changes to the itinerary at this point
      • Question: Some parents inquired about the accident insurance, do they have to purchase it through EF, or can they use their own, etc. – just if you could clarify all aspects of the insurance options?
      • Answer: The insurance will be automatically put on the students account, however, parents have 30 days to “opt out.” They can call Traveler Support at 1-800-263-2806 to do this. The reason it is opt out is our traveler support team must be able to tell parents that once they remove the insurance, they cannot add it back on
      • Question: What kind of deadlines do we have?
      • Answer: Right now, I have the early enrollment deadline on the website until December 31st. Do you think that would work to get the word home to the parents with the end of school near?
  • Sign up for the trip at EF tours here (using tour number 2176146FA)
  • Parent trip agenda feedback form can be found here
  • Parent night #1 information presentation can be found here
  • Interest sign up – if interested in this field trip and you are planning on coming to the parent information night, please fill out this information here



University of Manitoba High School Computer Science Day (2019):

  • Update: unfortunately, the university has cancelled our attendance due to over booking the size of this event, we will try again next year!
  • Please see the university’s website for details on this day
  • Mr. Wachs is currently collecting names of grade 11 and 12 students interested in going and if they would be interested in either the programming contest of project fair (or both)
  • Permission forms will follow shortly


  • 2017 – University of Manitoba Computer Science day information sheet, permission form (over 18), and permission form (under 18)
  • 2017 – Prairie Dev Con day permission form (over 18), and permission form (under 18)