Student Alumni

This page is to highlight the achievements of past and some current students in all my courses. It is divided into sections:

Alumni Survey

  • If you ARE an alumni of Mr. Wachs’ class from the past and you have the time, please fill out this survey!
  • See the analytics (results) of this survey here!
  • And consider writing a testimonial on this page!

Alumni Testimonials

These links are in no particular order and highlight any student who was in one of Mr. Wachs’ classes at some point in time. 

  • Online programming resume by a former Computer Science student of Mr. Wachs (and school valedictorian for Sturgeon Heights)
  • A letter for new programmers – written by a former I.B. Computer Science student
  • Programming blog from a former I.B. Computer Science student
  • Game Development blog from a former I.B. Computer Science student who now teaches at the University of Manitoba in the department of Computer Science
  • A simple to use graphics, media and input library developed by a former I.B. Computer Science student currently working on his doctorate of Computer Science
  • Former I.B. Computer Science graduate who won the “World Series of Hack” put on by Mozilla on a co-op placement at the University of Waterloo – see the video here
  • Personal website of a former I.B. Computer Science student, and in a sense an online resume
  • Article written by former I.B. Computer Science student for the University of Manitoba’s student newspaper (The Toban) on the new digital image you present called “Sell yourself professionally, digitally
  • Computer Science graduate student (and my former I.B. Computer Science student) currently teaching the Introduction to Computer Science course at the University of Manitoba has a home page
  • The University of Manitoba has held a high school programming contest the last 5 years, and Sturgeon Heights has placed in the top 2 schools in Manitoba almost every year, and has placed first for 3 of the 5 years. More detailed results can be found here

Alumni Photos

These are photos of alumni during their time in Mr. Wachs’ class or afterwards doing a variety of activities. Also, photos of great student memories can be found here


Alumni Videos

These videos were recorded by student alumni to give perspective to students and give advice. Also, more videos of student memories can be found here and the playlist of all of these videos can be found here

Guest Lecture Series

These videos were recorded live over video conferencing to Mr. Wachs’ students to share their expertise in specific topics. The playlist of all of these guest lectures can be found here

  • Software Design Patterns – Qail Mukhi (link to the presentation)
  • Careers in Business Analysis and Software Development – Melissa Kendall (link to the presentation and survey shown)
  • Designing software in machine learning and AI in industry – Aron Hofer



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