The First Week

Well, it’s Sunday, I just finished watching a very disappointing Blue Bomber loss at the ‘Banjo bowl’ and was reflecting on the first week back at Sturgeon Heights with my new classes. This coming week I will be emailing the parents of my new students and giving them the link to this blob/website where they can follow the courses over the semester. So last week (our first week) was a chance to go over course outlines, answer questions about the course, and start on the path of the new courses. In TOK42SIB, we met once to go over the course outline and discuss the I.B. expectations for TOK for the year. In IT20G, we went over course outlines and the students did a biography activity. In IT30G, we went over the course outline and then the class began working on a large web page project that they helped plan. In CS30S, we went over the course outline and then were interrupted for school grade level meetings.In CS40S, we went over course outlines, did a course survey and began a review of CS30S. In CS20S, we went over the course outline, did a biography activity, and had the first lecture of the first unit – problem solving.