Examining what we “Know”

In the Theory of Knowledge course I teach, we examine the word “knowledge” or “to know” in a deeper sense. Philosophically, this can be classified as “epistemology”.  This article: “Is everything you think you know about depression wrong?” was posted on astress TOK teaching website and posits some interesting ideas about what we think we know. Opinion aside whether or not the article is accurate, the concepts of stress and depression are important. To me, as a teacher of almost 20 years, student stress is currently the most concerning aspect of helping the modern student. So many students have stress as part of their lives and it manifests itself in various ways. These include avoidance, non-attendance, defiance, etc. The causes of stress are obvious complex and diverse, but dealing with and helping students with coping strategies must be near the top of the priorities of the modern teachers and school systems.