Thinking about next year’s Computer Science I.B.

Well, I have a I.B. faculty meeting tomorrow (Monday) and my thoughts turn to the changes in the I.B. Computer Science course. This is the last year that I.B. Computer Science students will have the course fall under the Mathematics group, and next year it moves to the Experimental Sciences group. As well, it now becomes a full science (no longer an option) and will be part of the group 4 project. On the I.B. website is states: Computer science – The International Baccalaureate (IB) computer science course will be taught as an option in group 4, experimental sciences, from August 2012. The IB LogoComputer science previously formed an option in group 5 of the Diploma Programme curriculum but now lies within group 4. As such, it is regarded as an experimental science, alongside biology, chemistry, design technology, physics and environmental systems and societies. This group change is significant as it means DP students can now select computer science as their group 4 subject rather than having to select it in addition to mathematics as was previously the case. The IB computer science course is a rigorous and practical problem-solving discipline. Via Computer Science.