Please use the links below to access needed information on the class or classes you are currently enrolled in:

As well, students and parents can access the online grade and attendance portal here

Please note:

Some of the classes above are currently not being taught out of Mr. Wachs’ classroom this semester. However, these courses could become active classes in the future. You may still access the materials from these classes in the links above, however the schedules are not currently available.

10 thoughts on “Courses

  1. Hello Mr. Wachs.

    You have a typo. “Information Technology 1G: course materials” should by 10G instead of 1G, if i’m not mistaken.

      • ZoomIt isn’t the one. It’s the one where you can freeze frame your screen and draw simple shapes on, zoom in, zoom out, etc. You Use it in just about every class you can.

      • My screen comments either come from ZoomIt (which can zoom in and draw on the screen) or my SMART board, with board markers, which I project onto – depends on what I’m doing when I record (using a JUNO) on which I use

  2. Hey Mr. Wachs,

    A couple of things I noticed that you may or may not know about:

    1: Both CS32SIB and CS42SIB are completely unlinked
    2: For the ‘course events’ links, only the ‘events’ word is hyperlinked.


  3. Sir can i have your email id as I’ve send some emails before as well but didn’t get any reply.
    Thank you

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