Final Projects for 2018-2019

Here is a compilation video of all the final projects for all my Computer Science classes for the 2018-2019 school year. This includes my Computer Science 20S (grade 10) students, Computer Science 30S (grade 12) students, Computer Science 40S (grade 12) students, and Computer Science 42SIB (grade 12 I.B.) students.


Field Trip Updates!

Updates to the information for the fall field trip to New York and Boston along with information about the upcoming annual field trip to the University of Manitoba’s High School Computer Science day can be found on the field trip page on this website!

Field Trip Opportunity for 2019 – New York and Boston

The first mandatory parent and student information meeting was on December 18th – If you missed this meeting, you can find the information shared at this meeting below:

You can still sign up for this trip on this form and you can review what we covered at the first meeting in this presentation.

If you have any other questions, please see Mr. Wachs or Mr. Rogowy in room B5 or B2.

An amazing opportunity has been approved for 2019. A chance to take a Computer Science and technology themed 5 day field trip to New York city and Boston. More information will follow on the “Field Trips” page on this website (under Students). A parent information night is being planned, but right now if you are interested in this field trip and are planning on coming to the parent information night, please fill out this information here. Some of the agenda items that could be on the trip include:

  • Waking up every morning in the Hotel in Times Square, and shopping in the evening
  • Famous meal locations around New York and Boston
  • Enjoy a Broadway show
  • View of New York from the top of the Empire State building (including a guided discussion of the city’s architecture)
  • Visit the Brooklyn bridge (including a guided activity of its engineering and building our own bridge)
  • Guided tour the New York financial district including the 911 memorial, Trinity chapel, Wall street, and more
  • Custom tour of Google Manhattan’s headquarters (by a former Sturgeon Heights student working there)
  • Visiting the New York Academy of Science (including activities building sensors and coding)
  • Visiting the New York’s central park
  • Visiting Boston’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) state of the art research laboratory, including the MIT nuclear reactor lab, MIT Koch Cancer research institute, MIT/Harvard Ultracold atom research center, and the MIT museum (including a robot activity workshop)
  • Visiting Boston’s Mmmmaven school of music technology (including a guided tour of digital music creation)
  • A boat tour of Boston harbour

A draft of the presentation for the parent night can be found here. Please see Mr. Wachs if you have any questions!